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    Konstantin (Montag, 16 April 2018 20:35)

    Thank you so much!!!! It was an amazing week. Although words can have so much power, sometimes they can‘t express what you feel so your‘re speechless. A week of magic � of growing togehter �� of strangers become friends in a very special way � of insane positive energy � and gratitude from the bottom of my heart ❤️ It is such a pleasure to know all the people who make this week so fascinating.
    Auri & Mishku gave me/us an indescribable week filled with such a lovely dedication!!! The kitchenchef Ladina was conjuring up the most delectable of delicacies.
    After that week I‘m feeling like reborn. Don‘t miss the chance to participate!!

    Deeply greatful

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    Beni (Freitag, 27 Oktober 2017 17:04)

    Mega schön gsii, wemne nol chli Ziit brucht het hettme sich afach chönne usklinke.
    Z programm isch grad richtig gseh ^^ I ha mega viil Input bechu und bin immerno dra alles am verarbeite.
    D Auri und d Michi sind zwei offeni, herzlichi Göre wi das ganzi mit viil liebi mached ;)

Yoga & Surf retreat in Arrifana Portugal, October 2018

What a beautiful Yoga & Surf Retreat this October in Arrifana.

Who are you without telling us what you have done in your life and what you are doing?

How do you feel in this moment? How is your heart? Where are you into right now?

Get connected everyday, breathe and be. Healthy and detoxing food and drinks, moving, and let your soul live.


Yoga and daily meditation in our backyard. Surfing and floating in the ocean, enjoying food, sleeping, reading and be!

Connecting In our beautiful retreat group and see all the beauty in our friends. See all the beauty within us, and let that self love growing, expanding and accepting ourselves.

Pick all the plastic at the beach, enjoy the energy of the ocean, watching the waves, whirling around in the ocean. Connecting our hearts deeply. Breathing. Laughing. Crying. Be. Healing happens. Love is what is here at the end. Everything is alright to be here.


We love to share all our love and happiness with you and make you feel confy on your path. It is a together.


We love you and we thank you from the depths of our hearts, Michelle & Aurelia