We are two cheerful young women, who love to live their dreams and don`t miss a moment to do what makes them most happy. Freedom, Happiness and love are our signposts. our lives are intense, diversified and profound. We want to go our own path even Tough it is very different to the "normal" one. it`s not about being perfect but rather to be authentic. To be WHO we really are, to love ourselves and to have fun with ourselves. But it`s not all about us: we took the goal to live in harmony with this planet and our fellow human beings. furthermore we want to inspire other beings to follow their dreams, to have the courage to LISTEN TO their hearts and to be happy witouth needing anyone or anything else.


We trust the inner voice or force that gives us at all times signs and guides us. And we trust life that we are always in the right place to the right time and that we always have everything we need. 



We love life and enjoy it to the full. We try to live in the moment and to walk through life with the heart wide open. We love the sunshine and nature, we are happy with little and experience the most amazing moments in simple situations. We carry our love and light into the world. This gives us energy and even more vitality. The love to ourselves, the love to our fellow human beings, the love to nature, the love to the universe, the love to the infinity.



You can philosophize about the definition for a long time and for everyone it will be different. Maybe it`s a higher force? Nature? A divinity? The universe? Definitely it is a gift that we should appreciate. 




This planet is so stunning and everyday happens magic. In the social media there is spread so much fear and hatred to manipulate us. We want to come away from this and instead spread the positive energy and love.



We want to help people to heal every layer of their being. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Shut down our mind to dive deeper in the inside and to open the heart with different methods like meditation, yoga or reflexiology.


"the breath of life gives you everything you need, trust it"