...FolloW the breath of life...


Michelle und Aurelia,

two free souls with the common vision, to accompany our fellow human beings on their way with our love and light to make this earth a better place and to see healing. ♥




We love our temple, care about him and nurture him. Through the breath and silence we get access to our interior to return to the wisdom of life. 




...nature. Our passion is to ride the waves and to discover and explore the width of the universe on the ocean and in our life.

We love life and appreciate the gift to be here on this planet, To BREATHE and be able to learn and grow.

It satisfies us to spread our love and to see growth and healing.



We are strongly focused to go our own way, to follow our intuition and to appreciate the gifts the universe sends us all the time. Life always brings us in situation and to other human beings who mirror us, to show us what we still may dissolve, forgive and learn, to live a life in harmony and with inner peace.

It also imports us very much to pass our knowledge to other human beings and to support them during their healing process through yoga and meditation, through our love to nature - especially to the ocean and the mountains - through reflexology and craniosacral therapy, movement and nutrition

The infirmities and the suffering of our times are often times very complex. That´s why it is very important for us to offer you HOLISTIC support.

And above all we want to spread our LOVE and LIGHT in this world, because the small things like a smile do most often have the biggest impact.